Mauritius Island: A pearl in the Indian Ocean


For those who never heard of it, Mauritius, officially known as the Republic of Mauritius is a country island located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Mascarene Islands. The volcanic island has an area of 1,865 square kilometers, with 330 kilometers of coastline.

The population is about 1.3 million and includes several communities. Hindus, Muslims, Creoles, Chinese and Europeans live in racial harmony while preserving their respective ancestral cultures. These characteristics make this island a unique place in the world while not forgetting that Mauritians are known for their compassion and kindness.

Most Mauritians are bilingual, fluent in French and English. English is the official language, however, French and Creole are also widely spoken. Asian languages are also part of the linguistic mosaic. Mauritius has managed to preserve its image as one of the pillars of African countries thanks to its social and economic successes; promising sugar industries as well as a center for high-end tourism.

Mauritius’ landmarks are very impressive. A favorite holiday destination for many. Indeed, the island has seduced many sea lovers with its unparalleled beauty of turquoise blue lagoons and refine sandy beaches surrounded by tall filao trees.

One of the most recommended beaches for family swimming is Pereybere, a small beach located in the north of the island. Clear calm water, for safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, skydiving, a catamaran cruise, and many other water sports such as submarine scooter.

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