Natural phenomenon: A mulberry tree in a meadow amazingly turns into a fountain each time the weather is rainy

By | May 22, 2020

The village Dinosa, situated in South-eastern Montenegro, recently hosted an exceptional natural phenomenon. A mulberry tree in a meadow amazingly turns into a fountain each time the weather is rainy. There is a hollow on the tree trunk through which water is seen gushing in abundance.   

From a scientific point of view, it can be said that apparently it’s the rain flooding the underground springs that causes pressure which in turn pushes the water up the tree trunk through the hollows on the stem.

The Radio Liberty even posted a video online on this phenomenon. The video clearly shows how sloppy the ground is, hence pointing to the volume of groundwater in the soil and below it. The whole picture seems as if there is a small stream flowing there, as water is seen to gurgle out of other holes in the meadow.

A resident of that place admits that this ‘miracle’ has been occurring for the last twenty to twenty five years or maybe longer.

According to his estimation, this particular tree might be around one hundred to one hundred and fifty years old.

This marvellous event of water gushing out of the ground after heavy rainfall has also been witnessed in the Estonian village of Tuhala where a well, which is situated just over an underground river, started to spurt water after torrential rainfall.

For this one also, it’s the same thing – water pressure from heavy downpour is so extent that it shoots up out of the well.

At times, it even goes up to half a meter high. This can maintain for many days. It has been found that more than one liter of water can flow out each second from this well.

This particular well is also known as the Witch’s Well as the Tuhala people firmly believe the legend that there are witches who gather in the underground and fight each other forcefully with birch branches and therefore cause water to pour out the surface.

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