Neighbors fight turns into a tragedy


A former candidate of the French show, Star Academy from Belgian, was recently a victim of a murderous assault during the last week of last year.

Indeed, the ex-participant Jean-Yves Wargnies was hit by bullets on Monday, December 30, 2019. According to a trusted source, the cause of this unfortunate tragedy would be a violent altercation between neighbors.

The incident occurred in the building at rue du Congo in Marchienne-au-Pont (Charleroi). The altercation erupted due to a noise sore produced by the one passionate of music. Irritated by it, the alleged shooter went to him asking him to stop the nuisance. unsatisfied by the reaction of Star Academy candidate, the man returned a few minutes later, and this time with a pistol.

The statement from the prosecution reported that “a series of shots took place” and the victim received the first bullet in the leg and then in the head. He has been in critical condition till the morning of Friday, January 3, when Jean-Yves Wargnies finally succumbed to his injuries.

  The suspect has been charged and placed under arrest warrant for attempted murder and violation of the law of arms.

The case will soon be reclassified in the murder category following the death of the victim.

On the side of the 66-year-old accused, who is already known to the judicial authorities for threats and assault, he justified his act by explaining that he had had a “blood stroke” and was not able to bear the noise which the

from Star Academy was producing at his home.

 “It looks like this has been a neighborhood dispute that has been going on for some time. The suspect even indicates to have already called the police to note the nuisance caused “, highlighted the prosecutor of the division of Charleroi, Sandrine Vairon.


  1. That man should have filed a legal case with his medical provider rather than attack a person listening to music, the real criminals are those abusing prosecutors and police with the state defense department of the courts with the TRUELY evil acts and intentions, and TRUELY damaged thinking.