New species of Walking sharks discovered in the Indonesian waters


“Walking sharks” are quite common in the waters off northern Australia and Indonesia. they are sharks who can use their fins to walk on the sand and rocks. however, a species has just been discovered, in the Indonesian waters.

According to Dr. Christine Dudgeon of the University of Queensland, four new species of walking sharks have recently been discovered.

“Genetic data suggests that these new species evolved when sharks moved away from their original population. They have genetically isolated themselves in new areas and have developed into new species,” she explained.

“It is a unique adaptation and it means that they can exploit a habitat when other predators cannot. Their fins give them a remarkable advantage over prey such as small crustaceans and molluscs. “

The good part is, “with less than a meter in length on average, these sharks pose no threat to humans. “

Video credit :Conservation International/Mark Erdmann


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