Nokia intend to install the first mobile phone network on the Moon

network on the moon

The Finnish group Nokia announced on Monday that it will manufacture the first operational mobile phone network on the Moon for NASA. This project has for aim to implant a permanent human base of the US space agency.

Indeed, this 4G network, “ultra-compact, energy efficient and resistant to space conditions”, will represent “the first mobile phone network on the Moon,” Nokia said in a statement.

According to the Finnish company, the network will be installed on the surface of the moon by the end of 2022. This will be done through a lunar lander in which the US company Intuitive Machines works.

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The network will self-configure during its deployment on the Moon. Moreover, it will guarantee a wireless connection for “any activity that astronauts must carry out”. 

Nokia Company explained that the network will allow among others:

  • the exchange of voice and video communications
  • telemetry as well as the exchange of biometric data
  • the deployment and the use of robots

“The system will ensure communications on the surface of the Moon over long distances. It will also be at a higher speed and more reliably than current standards”. This is what the space agency explained in its statement.

Two American astronauts, a man, and a woman will leave for the Moon in 2024. They will leave under the Artemis 3 mission, with which NASA wants to install a permanent human base on the Astro. This is yet another big operation prior to another possible mission to Mars for Nasa.

Let’s wait and see if they succeed in installing the first mobile phone network on the Moon!