Norway: Armed man has been arrested after hitting several people with a stolen ambulance

photo Sky News

Norwegian police arrested an armed man after he ran down several pedestrians in a stolen ambulance in Oslo, Norway.

The authorities fired shots at the ambulance and wounded and arrested the lawbreaker who was according to the officers not critically injured.

For now, the reason behind this occurrence is still unclear.

Witnesses attested that the ambulance also hit a baby in a pram, who has reportedly been transported to the hospital among other injured.

According to reports, police officers are tracking down a woman who is reportedly involved in this case, however, the authorities did not confirm the involvement of a second person.  

For now, the authorities are also refusing to comment on the number of casualties reported or whether the incident was a deliberate attack.

“An armed man stole an ambulance, drove away and hit some people. We got him now,” a police spokesperson said.


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