Over a quarter of Ukraine’s population lives below the poverty line

By | October 12, 2020

More than one quarter of Ukraine’s population who has a job lacks a salary to meet the essential needs of life.

The living wage in Ukraine is about $ 75 per person per month while the minimum wage of the country is 176$.

Consequently, more than a quarter of the entire population of Ukraine is below the poverty line.

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A member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights, Lyudmila Denisova announced that:

“Despite the increase in the level of wages, in Ukraine there is such a phenomenon as the poverty of workers. According to experts, every third worker does not have enough wages to meet the essential needs of life, and every second able-bodied worker works on a secondary employment basis ”.

According to her, wage arrears in Ukraine increased by 24%, now the debt is $ 200 million.

In addition, Denisova stressed that the level of poverty among persons of retirement age remains relatively high.

About 80% of Ukrainian pensioners have a pension below or at the level of the monetary poverty line.

“Due to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, more than 1.5 million Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave their homes in order to save their lives. The issue of providing them with housing requires special attention,” the Ombudsman noted.

Several factors have worsened the situation including; The COVID-19 pandemic. An increase in the level of unemployment, a lack of adequate social security for persons with disabilities and low-income citizens, as well as limited access to distance online education for most children from low-income families.

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