Pakistan’s visiting spots: From its exquisite mosques to its ancient fortresses, its mesmerizing beauty is surreal

Pakistan is the fifth most popular country across the globe. It is very well known for its high degree of patriotism that dwells in the heart of each and every inhabitant.

This dwelling emotion is spoken a lot worldwide. Also, from its exquisite mosques to its ancient fortresses,  its mesmerizing beauty is surreal. Tourists from the four corners of the world make it a must to visit Pakistan at least once.

Here are some places worth visiting in Pakistan:

  • The Eagle’s Nest is very famous for its picturesque scenery. There is actually a hotel there named The Hunza Eagle’s Nest Hotel in the Hunza Valley where a visitor can witness the spectacular sunset. This hotel is situated twenty minutes’ drive away from Karimabad. Not only the sunset is fascinating, but there are other locations such as Ultar Peak, Golden Peak, Rakaposhi, and Lady Finger are worth admiring from the Hunza Valley. Many times it has happened that visitors prolong their stay there.
Eagle’s nest
  • Who has not heard of Lahore, the most amazing city in the nation? Also known as the city of Mughals, the city holds much importance to the Mughals’ creations. In Lahore too, there are many interesting visiting spots such as the Badshahi Mosque, the Wazir Khan Mosque, and the Lahore Fort. Added to that there are also the beautifully well-kept graves of late personalities, lively shrines and mansions which is very well known as ‘havelis’. Lahore is also rich in culture.
  • Hingol National Park is another place of attraction which is over 6, 000 square kilometers. It comprises of vast canyons, several animal species, rock formations, and even a mud volcano. It is situated only 3.5 hours from Karachi, Pakistan’s city.
  • Karachi, the capital of Pakistan, is very popular in its business hub. Its population rate is a very accelerating one with a diverse and multicultural culture.

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