India Disgusting haze

At present, the population continues to cough and rub their eyes. About 20 million inhabitants of New Delhi, India, are trapped in a nauseating and disgusting haze for the past 9 days.

Schools and construction sites were closed on Monday in New Delhi due to the air pollution threatening the capital.

Health authorities declared a public health emergency, they request the population to stay indoors and refrain from doing any physical activity as millions are at risk of respiratory illness.

“There is smoke everywhere and people, including young people, children and the elderly, have trouble breathing,” said local chief executive Arvind Kejriwal.

To cope with this wave of pollution, the Indian Minister of Health advised the population to consume more carrots. The government also provided protective masks for schoolchildren.

In the wake of this devasting pollution, alternating traffic has been set up in the city since Monday and will last till November 15.

Thus, vehicles can drive only on alternate days depending on whether their license plate ends with an odd or even number.

As a reminder, air pollution levels have reached a dangerous level across India. The level of PM2.5 – tiny particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs – was at one point seven times higher than in the Chinese capital of Beijing, which has struggled with similar pollution problems in recent years, as relates BBC news.

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