Portuguese Doctor accused of negligence and suspended after baby born without a face

By | October 25, 2019

A Portuguese doctor has been accused of negligence and suspended for failing to spot abnormalities in a baby born without a face.

Rodrigo, the 2 weeks old infant, was missing a nose, eyes and part of his skull after his birth.

The mother of the new-born, under the care of Dr Artur Carvalho underwent 3 ultrasounds, in a private clinic, yet the obstetrician raised no concerns about the health of the foetus.

However, according to her, she had a fourth 5D ultrasound at a different clinic when she was six months pregnant, where scan highlighted issues of possible abnormalities, but Dr Carvalho dismissed concerns.

“He explained that sometimes some parts of the face are not visible (on ultrasounds)… when the baby’s face is glued to the belly of the mother,” Joana Simao, the mother’s sister, told broadcaster TVI 24.

The baby is still under care at the paediatric section of the hospital where he was born.

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