Possible bankruptcy of Thomas Cook worries thousands of employees


The famous as well as oldest tour operator in the world, risks bankruptcy. Clients and providers are concerned about the possible collapse, leading the immediate cease of the activities of the group.

The British tour operator’s management met on the morning of Sunday, September 22 with lenders and creditors in imminent attempt to save the company from turning into a disaster scenario. The travel company must quickly find another 200 million pounds (around 220 million euros) to save its future.

In case of bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, activities of the group should cease immediately. Its travel agencies should close, its planes would be grounded and the group’s 22,000 employees could lose their jobs. It would also have an impact on about 600,000 tourists, including 10,000 French currently on vacation with trips organized by the British agency. They could be stuck away from home, even if they should be taken care of by the authorities.

Tourists on the side of Les Orangers beach resort in the town of Hammamet, near Tunis, related that their hotel was refusing to let guests leave while demanding extra money which they have already paid for. A Thomas Cook spokesman said: “We are aware that a small number of customers were asked to pay for their hotel room before leaving Les Orangers in Tunisia yesterday. This has now been resolved and customers flew home as planned. We continue to support our customers in all our resorts.”