Almost 116,000 new corona infections in India in one day

new coronavirus infections

India has reached a new high in new infections with the coronavirus. The Indian Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday of a record of 115,736 new infections within one day.  Accordingly, in this wake they registered a total of 630 deaths. They fear that these numbers will continue to rise significantly in this huge country. In absolute numbers, … Read more

EU outlines measures to strengthen cybersecurity

Work on the so-called green certificates for coronavirus vaccination; “should be completed by June 1st”. This was stated on Tuesday by the Minister for European Affairs at the German Foreign Ministry Michael Roth, Day.Az reports with reference to TASS. “For our part, we want to do everything so that these timeframes can be met,” he said. “We cannot afford … Read more

China criticizes EU sanctions for persecuting Muslims

China’s foreign ministry has criticized the European Union for imposing sanctions on Beijing due to the persecution of Uighur Muslims. The statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is quoted by TASS. It is reported that the head of the EU delegation in Beijing was summoned to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, where he was protesting over the restrictions imposed by Brussels. Chinese Deputy … Read more

French health authorities report new ‘Breton variant’ of Covid virus

Breton variant

A Breton variant of the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus has been identified in Brittany, after the appearance of a cluster at Lannion hospital. Investigations are underway “to assess its transmissibility and severity” What is the characteristic of this “Breton variant”? This Breton variant is currently detectable only by sequencing, and not by so-called conventional tests. Last week, in fact, … Read more

They find the reason why it is easier to understand a language than to speak it

The research focuses on the study of laterization changes The research focuses on the study of the laterization changes of brain functions during the performance of different linguistic tasks such as reading, speaking or listening in the native language in comparison with a foreign language that that person was learning. One of the “main findings” … Read more

Researchers discovered why blood clots form in Covid-19 patients

The finding determined that they are autoimmune antibodies that circulate in the blood, which attack cells and trigger clots in arteries, veins and microscopic vessels A recent study by scientists from the universities of Michigan and Shanghai determined why blood clots form in patients with severe Covid-19 infection, which causes life-threatening conditions such as strokes … Read more