Recent study reveals that tattoo ink could help to detect cancer

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According to a study published in the scientific journal, Biomaterials Science Tattoo ink could be used in the future in cancer detection.

Currently some of the method used for cancer detection are not reliable for the early stage. However, this discovery would be a great advance, if the research and experiments still necessary for its application in the timely diagnosis of cancer are carried out, that could save the lives of many people around the world.

Investigating pigments already approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medicines, cosmetics and foods, the study authors found that these pigments, often included in tattoo ink, could be used as contrast media in cancer detection. Of these coloring agents known as optical inks, green 8 and orange 16 performed the best. They even outperformed some clinically approved and commercially available dyes.

The researchers used these inks along with liposomal nanoparticles to assess their potential for optical imaging and tumor targeting.latest cancer treatment

Tests were carried out on lab mice, and after injecting the dye intravenously, fluorescence images revealed a significant localization of the new liposomal optical ink nanoparticles in the three tumor models studied, compared to their healthy tissues.

Scientists are already injecting this type of nanoparticles in order to find cancer cells. they must be stained with a contrast medium in order to be located by magnetic resonance images. latest cancer treatment

However, there is a major drawback with this method; the dyes are usually stored in the liver or the base, which is why non-toxic dyes are necessary.

As a reminder, cancer is responsible for almost one in every six deaths around the planet.