Russia reports around 10,000 new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours


Russia registered 10,633 new coronavirus cases in a single day, making it its highest daily rise since the beginning of the pandemic. The total number of cases reported so far jumps to 124,054, mostly in the capital Moscow.

The country’s coronavirus response headquarters explained in a statement that approximately 50% of the cases were asymptomatic.

A total of 1,280 deaths had now been recorded nationwide.

Hospitals in Moscow are sounding the alarm bell that hospitals are becoming overwhelmed after recording the new record of the highest number of cases within one day, a 20 percent increase over Friday’s count, which itself was a new daily record.

Around two dozen hospitals had to shut down for quarantines, and many doctor’s health state are in a deplorable state.

According to medical workers, they had been ordered to the frontlines without adequate protection, and that bureaucratic foot-dragging was costing lives.

As a reminder, Moscow is the worst-affected part of Russia, with about 62,600 cases enumerated, representing nearly half of the nationwide total.

Last week, Russia extended its isolation period through May 11. “The daily increase in cases has relatively stabilized but this mustn’t calm us down, the situation is still very serious,” Putin said. “The peak is not behind us, we are about to face a new and grueling phase of the pandemic… the deadly threat of the virus remains.”