Shark attack: Surfer killed in Australian waters by a great white shark that was nearly ten feet long


A surfer from Queensland, died in the Australian waters after being bitten by a great white shark of ten feet long.

According to the authorities, the 60 years old man, was killed while he was surfing at Salt Beach near Kingscliff.

The incident took place around 10 a.m. on Sunday. The police and rescue team were immediately alerted of the shark attack.

A group of people including surfers and board-riders rescue him, by fighting off the shark. They successfully managed to bring the victim to the shore where he received first aid for serious injuries on his left leg where he was bitten. However, he died shortly said Surf Life Saving in a statement.

Surf Life Saving took immediate actions to track down the shark, making use of multiple jet skis, drones, and helicopters. The animal was spotted from the air and authorities took photographs which was later assessed by shark biologists.

Thanks to these photographs they were able to determined that the animal was a large great white shark measuring about three meters (9.8 feet).

As a reminder, Australia encounters several fatal sharks attack each year. Earlier, this year, in January, a diver was attacked by a great white shark off the southern coast of Western Australia, however, his body wasn’t recovered.

Another case was reported in April, a parks and wildlife officer was killed by a shark near the Great Barrier Reef.