Siberian Sinkholes: One of the mysterious spots of the world

By | May 29, 2020

Siberian Sinkhole is among the Seven Wonders of the World, As we know that this planet hosts numerous mysterious spots as well. One of them is located in Siberia, a region of Russia in Asia, stretching from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean.

It is known as the Siberian Sinkhole. Siberian Sinkhole is a giant crater that was discovered in Siberia. Several such holes appeared later.

First Crater

The first crater is on the northern tip of the Yamal peninsula, which is a very insecure place for exploration as its rims are melting and falling inside. You can even hear water running deep inside. Long ago scientists had to wait for winter to proceed for its examination as that moment the crater would be frozen solid and easier for exploration.

It was in November that Vladimir Pushkarev, director of the Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration, directed the first-time exploration. The scientists involved could successfully then release pictures of what was inside. Climbing equipment was used to scale down the sides of the crater.

Second Crater

The second crater too was found on the Yamal peninsula. It is fifteen metres across. It was spotted only when some local reindeer herders nearly fell in.

Third Crater

The third crater is remarkably smaller than the first two. However, it is deeper – some sixty to one hundred metres. This one also was found by local herders in the north of the Taymyr peninsula.  They Taymyr peninsula is located in the east of the Yamal peninsula.

What scientists have been able to figure out was that these craters or “holes” are very rich in natural gas and high level. High levels of methane within the craters have been highlighted too.

According to reports, it is the permafrost in the area due to the last two unusually hot summers that release methane gas deposits, hence causing an eruption. Others are of a different opinion though. They claim this phenomenon is mostly due to climate change that leads to enough melt for it to collapse. The methane is also called the gas hydrates.

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