Simba, the first lion cub conceived by artificial insemination in Singapore

The authorities of the Singapore zoological organization Wildlife Reserves named a lion cub “Simba”, which means lion in the Swahili language. However, there is something very peculiar about the feline; it was conceived with assisted insemination.

Born on October 23; the authorities shared pictures of the first African lion conceived in the country with the help of assisted insemination.

The keepers named the baby Simba in honor of the protagonist of Disney’s animated film The Lion King; to celebrate his African ancestry.

Although nowadays there are more and more cases of animals that are born by artificial insemination, this is a first for lions.

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The technique was carried out without inconvenience and the lion cub is in very good health. However, his father Mufasa, an African lion, died after insemination. “Mufasa lived to the advanced age of 20 but did not have cubs in life; because his aggressive behavior did not allow for successful mating with females,” the organization clarified in a statement.

Simba for the moment is with his mother away from visitors. Until now, with three months, he began to eat small pieces of meat, in addition to drinking milk.

As a reminder, the first successful artificial insemination procedure in this species was in South Africa, in 2018.

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