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Social Distancing: Boston Dynamics implements new technological gadget – The Robot dog

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To help maintain social distancing amid the current global pandemic, robotics company Boston Dynamics’ newly engineered robot dog, also known as ‘Spot’, has been implemented to patrol the Singapore parks.

Spot is a remote-controlled robot dog. It is yellow in colour. Its duty is to consistently remind the park visitors to observe social distancing. Spot has also been attributed the ability to speak in English. Through an integrated loudspeaker, it says:

“Let’s keep Singapore healthy. For your own safety and for those around you, please stand at least one meter apart. Thank you.”

The robot animal was initiated for the first time on Friday around the city’s Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. This ‘walking’ device is equally equipped with cameras for one function only – to evaluate the number of visitors coming to the parks daily.  In other words, it is not a gadget to track specific people or gather personal information.

Spot is additionally useful to the government as it is a means to lessen manpower to guard the parks. In this way, physical security officers will not be required, hence encouraging safe distancing among park staff and visitors.

The four-legged robot is moreover used in hospitals to screen patients for the coronavirus. Consequently, there is less risk of coronavirus contamination.

It should be reminded that Singapore reveals alarming statistics of the coronavirus outbreak. Jonhs Hopkins University  has reported 20 deaths and 22, 460 positive cases.

The Robot dog thus serves as an excellent tool to curtail the Covid-19 outbreak. Such an odd way to combat coronavirus is seen also in India where police officers wear ‘coronahelmets’ to remind citizens to stay safe at home during the lockdown.

Spot has a competitor as Chinese robotics company Unitree debuted in early 2020 its latest robot dog called A1 which can move astonishingly swiftly. A1 is one step ahead Spot as it can not only walk around but it can also jump and flip.

Video credit: BBC


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