A glimpse of Damascus: Damascus is equally rich in historical attractions, hence making it a very popular tourist destination

Damascus historical attractions

Damascus is one of the ancient cities located in the Middle East – Syria. It has as evidence a population dating back at least eleven thousand years ago. During the period of the Middle Ages, it was the heart of a prosperous craft industry specializing in lace and swords. The city consists of around one … Read more

Mice can now see at night: Scientists have inserted nanoparticles into their unblinking little eyes

Scientists have inserted nanoparticles into the eyes of mice

Nanotechnology has been used by a crew of scientists to provide mice with temporary “night vision”. The scientists have inserted nanoparticles into their unblinking little eyes. Needless to say that these mice have been used as experiments but if these show positive results, the same could possibly be applied to people in the future. Nanotechnology … Read more

The intoxicated birds of Minnesota: Birds which are seemingly over-indulged in ripe berries can easily get woozy

The intoxicated birds of Minnesota

The tiny modern Minnesota town of Gilbert has been witnessing a very bizarre event. The city police department reports that many birds have been “flying into windows, cars and acting confused”. They point out that they have been retrieving relevant reports from worried inhabitants. However the police officers reassured the residents that the apparently ‘drunk’ … Read more

Pakistan’s visiting spots: From its exquisite mosques to its ancient fortresses, its mesmerizing beauty is surreal

Pakistan’s visiting spots

Pakistan is the fifth most popular country across the globe. It is very well known for its high degree of patriotism that dwells in the heart of each and every inhabitant. This dwelling emotion is spoken a lot worldwide. Also, from its exquisite mosques to its ancient fortresses,  its mesmerizing beauty is surreal. Tourists from … Read more

Germany suffers the same sort as Japan: A second wave of the global pandemic hit the nation again

Coronavirus in Spain

Germany suffers from the second wave of Covid-19 as lockdown lifts its restrictions. It has the seventh-highest number of positive Covid-19 cases so far.  Previously it was reported that last Sunday the infected report tally at 169,218 and the reported death toll at 7,395.  Recently, some of the public places were accessible with precautionary measures … Read more