Supermarket throws away $35,000 worth of commodities after woman coughs over them


On Wednesday 25th March, a woman purposely coughed all over a supermarket’s commodities including parts of the bakery as well as meat case.

The incident took place at Gerrity’s Supermarket in Hanover Township, Pa. All the contaminated products worth around $35,000 was thrown away.

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According to the co-worker of the supermarket, the woman responsible immoral act is known to have “a chronic problem in the community.”

It is believed that she was just a prank and that she was not infected with the coronavirus. However, to be on the safe side, the owner and staff cooperated with the local health inspector to throw away everything the perpetrator coughed on.

The offender was handed to the authorities and over 15 employees worked to clean and disinfect the areas she visited.

“One thing is for sure, we will have the cleanest display and freshest produce anywhere in northeast PA,” the co-worker expressed.


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