(Video)Kenya: Birth of a rare hybrid of a zebra and a donkey

zonkey born in kenya

According to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust a hybrid of a male zebra and a female donkey, known as a zonkey, has been identified.

Zonkeys are rare but has been seen around the world, especially since the birth of Ippo in 2013 at a reserve in Florence, Italy, which became an attraction.

They also have black mane which extends along the ridge of their back to the tip if their black tail. Their large head and ears make them look much more like a Donkey than a Zebra.

Both donkey and zebra belonging to the Horse family, thus both species share a number of similar characteristics such as their size.

The Zonkey is of similar size to these animals but takes on a more definitive Donkey-like appearance. However, it inherits the uniquely-striped pattern on their fur from their Zebra parent.

Zonkeys are usually tan, brown or grey in colour with a lighter underside. The strips appear darker in the lighter parts of their body like their legs and belly.

Note that, Zonkey is unable to produce offspring of its own. The cross-breeding of two different species often results in their young being sterile.