Tanzania accused by the WHO for failing to report information on suspected Ebola cases


The World Health Organization (WHO) blames Tanzania for failing to provide information on suspected Ebola cases in the East African country at the risk of hampering the fight against the spread of the deadly virus.

The WHO, declares having received information about a suspected case of Ebola that had been reported in Dar es Salaam on September 10, for whom the haemorrhagic fever test was positive and have been quarantined. The WHO also highlights that two other suspected cases have also been reported.

“Despite several requests, WHO has not received any further details on these cases from the Tanzanian authorities,” states the WHO.

The Tanzanian authorities on the other hand officially assured on September 14 that there were no Ebola cases, or suspected cases in the country.

“The limited official information available from the Tanzanian authorities presents a challenge in assessing the risk posed,” deplores the WHO.

The fact that “the first patient travelled extensively in Tanzania and the uncertainty and lack of information surrounding these cases, which, if confirmed, would represent the very first Ebola outbreak in the country, mean that the risk was considered very high at the national level,” they further added.

As a reminder, East African countries are on high alert following the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania’s neighbour, which has killed more than 2,000 people within a year.


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