The Crooked House, Poland

Poland has an unsolved mystery – The Crooked House located on  Monte Cassino Street in Sopot. Nothing is more different than this unusually shaped building in the whole universe. It looks like a picture taken from a child’s fictional book.

Tourists from the four corners of the world come to have a glimpse of this architectural wonder designed by the Polish architects Szotynscy and Zaleski in 2004. They were said to be charmed by fairy tales’ illustrations.

With its surreal details, this strange edifice is a puzzle to experts. It is said that this 4000 square meters creation can be put up only by an artist.

As its name suggests, the building is really crooked with its surrealist details: blue-enameled shingles on the roofs, colorful stained glass doors and windows, and stone elevation decors which seem an illusion to the eyes.

It is worth looking at night with its even more exclusive and captivating form. In My Modern Met, Pinar Noorata calls it the “mind-melting” crooked house. At times, someone might have the impression that it has been warped with Photoshop application, hence making  him or her feeling weird to enter “the vertigo-inducing building.” (Atlas Obscura)

This amazing place has become a famous landmark for tourists and photographers. Now it is home to a radio station, shopping centers, and relaxation purposes and strangely, its interiors do not constitute any aesthetic details. It is as normal as any building, only the stairs are a bit slanted.

The Crooked House or Krzywy Domek  as they call it in Polish equally hosts a “Wall of Fame” on which participants of Poland’s cultural events add their name. This enchanted its visitors. Subsequently, The Crooked House made its own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Among the most well-known buildings on the planet, it could be easily labeled as the World’s eighth wonder. This crooked house is indeed a marvel for it has already won several awards for its mesmerizing looks.

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