The Enchanting Easter Island: Here are some interesting things about the enormous stone figures which could lure anyone at first sight

interesting facts about the Easter Island

The Easter Island is a place well-spoken of, especially about his mystery. Many years ago, a small crew of Polynesians fled from their native lands. The reason behind this step of theirs is unknown and hence remains a mystery. Their new home was then a new uninhabited island which they named as Easter Island. 

To honour their ancestors, these people used to carve monolithic statues, also known as ‘moai’, from volcanic stones. It took then days and nights to accomplish this task. These statues were enormous stone figures which could lure anyone at first sight.

In fact, researchers and explorers have been mesmerized by these beautiful stone creations for centuries. According to researchers, the locations of the megalithic platforms have been analyzed to determine the reason why the statues were built.

The sites of the island’s resources also have been searched. It has been detected that the structures are basically found close to the very source of freshwater.

Later, it was acclaimed that such discovery shows that the construction of these statues could be linked to the quantity and quality of their provisions.

In regard to this, Prof Carl Lipo from Binghamton University in New York says “What is important about it is that it demonstrates the statue locations themselves are not a weird ritual place – the ahu and moai represent ritual in a sense of there is symbolic meaning to them, but they are integrated into the lives of the community”.

These are some amazing facts to know about the Easter Island:

  • It is also labeled as Rapa Nui and is located in the Pacific Ocean.
  • It is very popular for having 887 huge statues that were sculpted by the early Rapa Nui people.
  • In 1995 this place became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Over sixty percent of its population today are the descendants of the native Rapa Nui people. In 2012, the Easter Island underlined around five thousand and eight hundred inhabitants. Centuries back, there used to be around fifteen thousand people there.