The incident of nine Russian hikers’ death: The Dyatlov Pass mystery

The Dyatlov Pass mystery

The incident of nine Russian hikers’ death in the northern Ural Mountains, the range dividing Asia and Europe, is carved forever in the memory of Russia and across the world too.

That horrible episode occurred between 1st and 2nd February 1959 when a trekking group from the Ural Polytechnical Institute was defeated by death.

There were young sportsmen and women in the crew and all of them were expert skiers. Igor Dyatlov was the leader of that group. Their corpses were found on a remote mountain with mysterious wounds.

Some of the bodies had missing eyes and some were semi-clothed. The tongue of one of them was missing. It was as if they had suffered from physical trauma.  What was revealed so far was that something caused them to escape their campsite while it was -20 degrees outside.

The death of all these youngsters was unacceptable as Igor’s friend once described him as “as a wonderfully knowledgeable person, an athlete, always well-prepared…One could always rely on him”. Since then, this incident has been labeled as The Dyatlov Pass mystery.

 Over the past sixty years, many theories have cropped up in regard to this but no one came with a concrete result. Only their photographs, letters, and diaries could be used as reliable sources.

In February 2019 though, the Russian authorities announced that the case of Igor Dyatlov and his crew would be reopened in an attempt to get to reach the bottom of this incident for once and all.

This incident has been compared to other unsolved mysteries, for example, the bizarre loss of Lord Lucan who was then the British aristocrat.  He disappeared after the nanny of his kids was killed. There is also the case of Marie Celeste, the abandoned ship.

All of these have inspired many theories over the decades. Authorities are now deciding to solve them all out.