The Pink Lake or the Barbie Lake: Its color has fluctuated over the years

Australia is very well known for its enticing attractions such as Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It is equally home to the spectacular Pink Lake which has to be seen with naked eyes to be believed as the sight is surreal. Little girls will be mesmerized by the colour of the lake as the striking pink colour reminds them of their favourite doll – Barbie who is associated with pink.

This will make them want to have a dip in the cotton candy dreamlike lake with their doll. It will be no mistake than to call it the Barbie Lake as well.

Located in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, the lake consists of Halobacteria and Dunaliella salina, which is a type of algae. Both of them secrete carotenoid red pigments which act as a catalyst in maintaining the pink color of the lake.

In other words, the water turns pink owing to an increasing level of salt. Sunlight and a lack of rainfall are equally responsible for this condition to effectuate.

The same mentioned algae also flourish in the Dead Sea which explains its saltiness. No wonder why the Pink Lake is also known as  Salt Lake.

Just like the Pink Lake, there are other lakes also in Australia which change hue such as Lake Hillier, Lake McDonnell and Lake Eyre.

Since 2017, the Pink Lake is however no longer pink. It has been reported that it is because a highway has been built.

A rail line set up there has changed the flow of the water, hence reducing the salt levels which explain the current condition of the lake. Man-made construction has changed this beautiful course of nature.

Tourists across the world used to come to have a glimpse of this picturesque lake but they are now disappointed since it is no longer pink. It has therefore been suggested to change the name of the lake itself.

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