The sealed cave: The most incredible aspect of this study is that thirty-three creatures living there are nowhere else to be found across the globe

What is it likely to be found in a cave sealed for more than five million years? Dr Christian Lascu came up with the Movile Cave located in Romania. This cave is known to have remained unvisited for around five million years. It might have been inhabited by only a few creatures that have been able to adapt there.

Scientists have discovered thirty three novel species in this sealed off cave. Forty eight of them have been found to live inside the ancient cave. They include scorpions, spiders and many others. The most incredible aspect of this study is that thirty three creatures living there are nowhere else to be found across the globe.

In fact, what has been concluded is that they have been in existence before modern humans were even born. Still, they have never been traced before as they were in complete seclusion in the Movile Cave.

These creatures in seclusion are observed to have no vision and lack color pigmentation. This is because they have lived in complete darkness for several years. This is clear to understand this as after all no sunlight reaches the ecosystem. 

On top of that, because they do not have the ability to see, these creatures have developed very long antennae, limbs, and other bodily characteristics. These actually help them to feel their way around inside the cave.

This place is also home to ecosystem that uses the toxic gases in the cave. Human beings might not be able to breathe these gases but it is the contrary for the organisms dwelling there. They prosper in that environment because they have been living there since the very beginning. It is equally important to note that these bacteria have to go through the process called chemosynthesis.

This process is quite similar to photosynthesis. It makes use of toxic gases instead of sunlight. The toxic gases are then converted into food for the organisms. These creatures are also able to produce energy through chemosynthesis to manufacture their food. This is done via chemical reactions.

Experts have still not been able to figure out how these creatures land up in this cave. All they could presume is that maybe other animals may have crawled in before it was sealed. Once inside, they had to survive to date.

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