The spectacular Surakav Bird: The bird that changes colors every second (VIDEO)

Also called the Calypte Anna, the Surakav Bird is a hummingbird. This bird is very different from others. It has shimmering rainbow-like feathers. The very sight of the bird is captivating. As it moves its head, the fluctuating myriad of colours is easily visible. The feathers are very thin actually. They contain a clear keratin layer. Because of this spectacular feature of the Surakav Bird, its worth has been deemed as Rs 25 lakh across the world.

This bird is also medium in size and is native to the West coast of the North America. It was named after the Duchess of Rivoli, Anna Massena. Anna’s bird bred only in Southern and Northern California.

There was a vast scale of transplantation of exotic decorative plants all through the Pacific coast and inland deserts. With time, it also led to the bird’s nesting and nectar production. Gradually the population of the Surakav Bird ascended.

It has been observed that the Surakav birds bear one similarity to the peacock family. The female Surakav is less beautiful or attractive than the male Surakav. She also possesses amazingly red gorgets but the colour of her crown is dull green. In a nutshell, it is not as bright as that of the male Surakav bird.

These beautiful creations with wings thrive on nectar from flowers. They also feed on arthropods including small insects that they find in vegetation. It has been reported as well that some of them equally eat tree sap.

The way they collect nectar is just like the pollination of the plants. Moreover, the birds are easily spotted on flowering plants with their scratchy and metallic humming sound.

Another stunning fact about these birds is that once they get drenched they shake their body fifty-five times every second to shed the water. It very often occurs, especially during the pollination process or when they are flying. Sometimes they do so to remove dirt from their feathers.

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