There is no more doubt – China is vigorously hit again by the new coronavirus

By | May 21, 2020

There is no more doubt. The global pandemic has taken China by storm again. It is reported that for the time being Jilin Province is facing numerous coronavirus cases. The source of this second wave of the virus is still unidentified. 

All that is known so far is that the cases are connected to a forty-five-year-old woman who works in a laundry.

This country is home to more than one hundred million inhabitants. Earlier there was partial lockdown but now strict measures have been implemented again in order to avoid groups of people being contaminated.

The situation is alarming. On May 18, all villages and residential compounds were sealed off. In Shulan, it has been ordered that only one person per household can go out to purchase necessities every two days.

The time slot allocated is only two hours per day. Until further notice, all coming or going transports have been stopped in Jilin. All academic institutions have also been ordered to close their doors as well.

Dr Zhong Nanshan, Senior Medical Advisor, had warned earlier that there is a high possibility of the disease to attack again: “Chinese at the moment are still susceptible to the Covid-19 infection, because of a lack of immunity…We are facing a big challenge, it’s not better than the foreign countries”.

Health authorities are now distinguishing this threat level as “high risk”.

The World Health Organization confirms that as from the 19th May 2020, 4,735,622 positive cases have been reported, including 316,289 deaths, across the planet. In the Jilin province and nearby Liaoning thirty four coronavirus cases have been confirmed.

It should be reminded that this lethal disease erupted in China in late December 2019. People who showed positive symptoms were linked to a wholesale food market in Wuhan. Unfortunately China continues to be the centre of a global tempest after Donald Trump, US President, has threatened to stop all funding for the WHO.

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