Thinking about breaking quarantine?: Henceforth, if anyone dares to transgress these measures they will be put behind the bars


Tourists had tried to escape to Hawaii to ride out the pandemic, following which the US officials were left with no choice but to implement the strictest measures to stop the spread of the global pandemic. Henceforth, if anyone dares to transgress these measures they will be put behind the bars.

As the governments across the world are rolling up their sleeves to flatten the curve of the global pandemic, some people are turning deaf ears to the importance of confinement.

For instance, despite several warnings, last week a Californian couple who was on honeymoon trip did not hesitate to think about visiting Hawaii.

The police had no choice but to arrest the newly wedded couple. After all, Hawaii, also well-known for its ‘aloha-spirit’, cannot be put at risk. It was the hotel staff who informed the police about the ‘transgressors’.

Honolulu police also arrested a Florida man and Illinois woman in April. It was said that the couple carelessly went for shopping. Authorities were notified at once about their misdemeanour. 

On the very same day, a sixty-year-old Californian transgressed confinement to go for jet-skiing off Oahu’s north shore. He was arrested too by the state investigators.

Attorney General Clare Connors further adds, “We appreciate the vigilance and cooperation of the hotel staff, and staff at other hotels, in helping maintain the health and safety of visitors and residents.

It is important that everyone flying into Hawaii at this time, abide by our mandatory rules. Law enforcement, in partnership with other state and county agencies and the travel industry, is continuing to monitor compliance with the mandatory self-quarantine rule.”

Lt. Audra Sellers of the Maui Police Department makes it clear that :

“Our initial goal is to educate people…Our efforts are meant to keep people safe and stop them from spreading the virus”.

Under the government order, anyone arriving in the country is compelled to undergo 14 days of self-quarantine. Hawaii’s Gov. David Ige deems these actions “as extreme but necessary” as they will help in curtailing the spread of the deadly global pandemic.