Trump criticized media for poor coverage of Biden’s fall

By | March 23, 2021

Former US President Donald Trump lamented the lack of freedom of the press in the country due to the lack of a large number of media reports about the fall of the incumbent head of state Joe Biden on the plane. The Republican announced this to Newsmax TV on March 22 .

During the conversation, the presenter drew the politician’s attention to the fact that the incident was practically not mentioned in the mainstream media. According to Trump, this was expected for him.

“The fall was terrible. He stumbled more than once, he stumbled three times. And this was not talked about in the mainstream media. This is terrible, it is impossible to believe, there is no more freedom of the press, ”concluded Trump.

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On March 19, 78-year-old US President Joe Biden tripped and fell several times as he climbed the stairs to board number one before flying to Georgia. In the White House, strong winds were blamed for the politician’s fall. According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, climbing the plane is sometimes “quite difficult.”

After that, Trump made fun of Biden’s fall. According to him, he did not lose the election to a democrat.

For Americans, the fall of Biden on the ladder served as a signal that the US leader has serious health problems. As REN TV wrote, Fox News viewers expressed the opinion that he would not retain his position until the end of his term.

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