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At least 19 people killed and over 100 injured as Typhoon Hagibis slammed Japan

At least 19 people killed, 16 missing and more than 100 people injured following the passage of the biggest typhoon Japan witnessed in 6 decades.

Strong winds of up 140mph were recorded and heavy downpour flooded rivers at 14 different areas.

Over a million people were instructed to evacuate as strong winds and rains picked up before the typhoon even arrived.

Typhoon Hagibis
credit: Reuters

The powerful Typhoon Habigis made landfall on Saturday, in southwest of Tokyo, then it relocated to the east. It is currently heading north. According to local weather station, there is a high probability that it will move back into the North Pacific later today.

Nearly a million of houses are without electricity and over 15,000 household deprived of tap water. A major disruption of mobile network is also reported in central, eastern and northeastern areas.

Japan is hit with at around 20 typhoons,each but Tokyo is rarely hit to this extent.

Typhoon Hagibis

Bullet trains half submerged in Nagano, central Japan – credit Reuters

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