Unfortunate incident: Man blows up part of his house while trying to hunt a fly

unfortunate incident

A Frenchman accidentally blew up part of his house in the Dordogne on Friday evening while trying to hunt an annoying fly.

The incident took place at dinner time, the inhabitant of Parcoul-Chenaud, was bothered by a fly in his kitchen. The 82-year-old man began to swat the insect using an electric racket.

Unfortunately, a stove on his gas cooker had not been turned off.

A reaction between the racket and the leaking gas, which had then spilled into the room, caused a strong explosion, destroying a part of the kitchen in this process. The roof of his house was also partly damaged.

The pensioner was the victim of a slight burn on his hand and will soon be rehoused at the Parcoul-Chenaud campsite, a local campsite.