Unusual occurring: Bears are coming out of hibernation early; do we have to worry?

An unusual occurring has been noticed around the world this year concerning bears. Normally these mammals with thick fur aren’t normally spotted this early in the year.

They are supposed to stay in hibernation, a deep long sleep that helps them to conserve energy in order to survive winter without eating much.

However, due to climate change, Europe has recently experienced its hottest winter ever recorded. Similarly, the US also experienced warmer temperatures in December and January, causing bears to be on the prowl a bit earlier than normal.

According to wildlife expert Alan Wright, the early emergence from hibernation is not a thing to be rejoicing and can have an impact on both humans and animals, as indicated by BBC News.

“They’ll be looking for it and there won’t be a lot around – because a lot of the plants and smaller animals might not be there to feed them.”

Indeed, bears will be searching for food after coming out from hibernation since in the near future, it’ll be breeding season.

Still according to Alain Wright, there’ll be a lot of cubs to be born with parents who won’t be strong enough to provide them the required food.

“They could definitely suffer,” he explains. “It means a lot of cubs might not make it through spring. Normally a bear will not want to engage with humanity, they just want to do their own thing”.

Concerning how it can affect us, Alain explains that: “They’ll be going into areas where humans have food and they’ll try to get that food.”

“You hear of bears trying to break into cars in some areas – and if they’re hungry, they’ll go out looking a bit more.”

However, Alan reassures that only happens if the bears become “really desperate”, which comes from hunger and the need to feed their young.

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