Weird obsession: Tattoo lover has removed ears and keeps them in a jar

weird obsession

A tattoo-obsessed German, known as Mr skull Face on social networks, removed his ears and keeps them in a bank. The aim of this surgery was to make his head look like a skull.

This resident of Sandro, has spent more than six thousand pounds sterling on changes to his appearance.Weird obsession

The 39 years old man made the first changes in appearance in 2007 after watching a television story about a man with thorns in his head.

He tattoos as well as piercings all over his body.  however, his weird obsessions do not stop here. The intriguing part is he also implanted a chip into his wrist just so to pay in stores. He also underwent surgery to separate his tongue.

As for future plans, the man is determined to get a tattoo on his eyeballs and remove the tip of his nose.

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“Friends tried to dissuade me from modifying, especially when it came to cutting off my ears, but I’m a person who likes to go my own way. If people stare, I don’t care. The changes, above all, strengthened my self-confidence,” Sandro said.

The German is unemployed. According to him, he is denied a job, primarily because of his appearance.weird obsession