‘Wet markets’
Dead dogs and rats are seen being sold at the wet market Credit: PETA

Coronavirus Live Updates

‘Wet markets’ in Indonesia, Bangkok, and Thailand stay open amid of coronavirus outbreak. GRIM footage leaked a video of meat markets in Indonesia and Thailand showing the bodies of wild animals. live chickens, cats, and frogs waiting to be slaughtered can also be seen.

The market floors are filled with blood. Sellers are handling the raw flesh with their bare hands. Bodies of dogs and pigs with flies buzzing around them can be seen in the video.

According to wildlife campaign group PETA, these markets could be the cause of the next global pandemic.

Live cats and chickens were stored in cramp cagesCredit: PETA

“The next pandemic is right around the corner as long as sick and stressed animals are crowded together in blood-soaked meat markets. PETA is calling on the World Health Organisation to help shut down these dangerous operations, whether they’re killing chickens in New York or cats in Indonesia.” Explained Founder Ingrid Newkirk.

For her part, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, UN biodiversity chief, said on Monday: “It would be good to ban the live animal markets as China has done and some countries.

“But we should also you have communities, particularly from low-income rural areas, particularly in Africa, remember which are dependent on wild animals to sustain the livelihoods of millions of people.”

As a reminder, China closed its wet markets following the outbreak which started in Wuhan, however, sellers reportedly reopened them last week.

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