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Why did the Titanic sink?

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The sinking of the Titanic is one of the worst disasters marked in history. In mid-1912, on the dreadful night of April 14-15, off the waters of the North Atlantic, the British steamship Titanic was wrecked.

Out of the 2,208 people on board, only 704 people managed to survive that night. There is no doubt that the huge ship sank due to a collision with an iceberg. However, the main question that rises is why didn’t she change course to avoid the catastrophe?

The number of theories on this topic is constantly growing. Recently, a new suggestion was made by climatologist Mila Zinkova. After examining the stories of survivors after the crash, she announced that the cause of the crash could be due to a natural phenomenon known as the aurora borealis appeared in the sky.

Wreck of the Titanic

Though at that time the shipping company “White Star Line” assured that the 269 meters long ship was unsinkable. On April 14, 1912, at 23 hours 40 minutes, for unknown reasons, he lost his course and sank.

While more than 1,500 people died, the rest of the people were rescued by the steamer Carpathia, which sailed for the distress signal.

All the survivors confirmed the same thing; that the ship collided with a huge iceberg. However, they had no idea why she went off course.

Edward John Smith – Captain of the Titanic

Reasons for the sinking of the Titanic:

Scientists regularly try to unravel the mystery on the cause of the Titanic. In the course of scientific work, a variety of hypotheses are put forward.

Fire in the bunker

Ray Boston, who had studied the sinking of “Titanic” for more than two decades, believed that the fire on board was the cause of the tragedy. According to him, a fire broke out in the bunker even before the ship sailed. The fire was not put off because the management believed that it would not cause much damage to the vessel.

However, due to the high possibility of a powerful explosion, the captain could hardly slow down. Therefore, even after discovering an iceberg, it is difficult for the captain to turn in another direction. As a result, the ship crashed into the iceberg at high speed. Unfortunately, Ray Boston has no convincing evidence, despite his theory sounds reasonable.

Compass error

Lawrence Beesley, a writer who survived the shipwreck, said that the northern lights could be seen in the sky that night. This is the name of the atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when the electrons ejected by the Sun interact with the magnetic field of our planet.

According to him, the Northern Lights were also seen by at least three surviving passengers on the Titanic. The aurora borealis could have been triggered by a strong solar flare that caused a strong burst of electromagnetic radiation that made the compass fluctuate and alter. The ship could well turn in the wrong direction and eventually collide with the iceberg.

What makes this theory relatively plausible is the fact that the technical equipment was really working very badly that night. The sinking Titanic sent SOS signals using Morse code to nearby ships, however, none of them captured them, except for the Carpathia ship.

Conspiracy theory

According to the conspiracy theory, it was not the Titanic that actually sank in 1912, but the ship Olympic, a ship that looked similar to it. On September 20, 1911, historical documents showed that she collided with one of the cruisers of the British Navy. Both ships were seriously damaged, but the insurance company did not consider the damage to the Olympic as significant. The ship’s owners decided to deliberately send it to an area with a lot of ice blocks to make the damage more serious. The Olympic was moving very quickly and the collision resulted in the death of thousands of people.

This theory at first seemed very plausible but later on it was proven wrong. The fact is that after the discovery of the remains of the sunken ship, there was no mention of the name “Titanic” on it. However, later on the shipwreck was found building number “Titanic” – 401. And “Olympic” had number 400.


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