Why does the Aokigahara Forest of Japan have a spooky reputation?

Formed by the previous major eruption of Mount Fuji in 864 CE, Aokigahara Forest, also known as Sea of Trees because of its dense shrubbery forest is situated in Japan. It is very well known for its spooky landmark as it is one of the most famous suicide destinations in the world.

It is reported that one hundred people end up their lives annually there. Police officers, volunteers, and even journalists look for bodies there each year.

It is said that the persistent accelerating rate in suicide there has led the officials to place a sign at the forest’s entry and throughout it, convincing suicidal visitors to seek help instead of taking their own lives. Even a suicide hotline is provided.

The prevailing atmosphere is weird and fear-provoking as many visitors claim. They prefer to use tape or any other mark to avoid losing their way.

The footpaths there are more like a labyrinth and mysteriously if someone loses his way it’s very difficult to contact others for help.

The Aokigahara Forest is rich with magnetic iron which explains why the network plays havoc on mobile phones’ service, GPS systems, and even compasses. According to some people, it’s all the trick of the evil force.

Indeed, local people firmly believe in the legend that it’s all the aftermath of the culture ‘ubasute’ that used to be practiced long ago. ‘Ubsate’ was to take an elder or sick person to an isolated zone in the forest and let him die. It was like a kind of primitive euthanasia.

No wonder why in 2016 the Hollywood movie The Forest was made in Japan as there seemed to be no other best fitting location to make this frightening movie.

The forest shows how an American woman, Sara Price, travels to a forest in Japan to look for her sister who has been missing. The actress ends up in a demonic misadventure.

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