William and Kate: Coronavirus lockdown is ‘stressful’ on mental health


Coronavirus lockdown has been the cause of stress for many people.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said that it is important to look after mental health.

During an interview accorded to BBC, the prince grabbed the occasion to talk about NHS workers who often had to absorb the pain and loneliness of coronavirus patients.

According to Prince William there was an “ever-increasing need” for people to know where to access help and support.

“If we are going to go forward with more time spent in lockdown, then there is going to be an ever-increasing need for people to look after their mental health and take it seriously and also know where to go to get the support they might need,” he said.

For her part, the Duchess emphasised that special attention is being given during physical well-being during the lockdown. People being told one of the reasons they can go out is for one form of exercise a day.

“While that’s hugely important we mustn’t forget our mental well-being as well and making sure you’re reaching out to those people around you that you have access to – even if it’s over the phone or online to really make sure you have those conversations,” she said.

Prince William said there was a concern people might think they were “not worthy of support” because of the pressure on services during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s important that other people aren’t forgotten and those who do need help, and do need support, and haven’t necessarily ever had to think about their mental well-being, start to do that in this weird climate we’re in,” he said.

The couple suggested that people could make use of technology and online tools such as NHS Every Mind Matters to talk to each other and to get help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince William also revealed how concerned he was when his father, the Prince of Wales, was tested positive of the virus.

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