The face of several politicians’ wives swollen and full of bruises


The walls of Italy are filled with pictures of the wives of several celebrities. The author of this masterpiece: Alexsandro Palombo, an Italian artist. In these pictures, the women were covered with injuries and cuts all over their faces, as revealed by the Belgian site 7sur7. 

Under any other circumstances, this could have been as an act of vandalism, or just a crazy man seeking trouble with several heads of states but the reason behind was for … a good cause: a campaign called “Just because I am a Woman “, to express that anyone can be a victim of domestic violence.

 This is why the artist exhibited photos of several inspiring women including, Brigitte Macron et Michelle Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Sonia Gandhi as well as Angela Merkel to raise awareness on domestic violence.

In the captions of each image, several notes could be read: “I am a victim of domestic violence”, “I am paid less”, “I have undergone genital mutilation”, “I do not have no right to dress as I want ”,“ I can’t decide who I’m going to marry ”,“ I was raped ”.

Hard to say whether the attempt of this artist will be seen as a good cause or not or how these women took it. let’s just hope the man did not just invite trouble for himself.